If you would like, the goal of Dr. Ray Bayley, DC, DCBCN, is "metabolic optimization" (thus his email address of and other health, to move you from illness, through un-well, through OK, to well, and even beyond to radiant vitality. He'd like you to be so healthy that you don't have to be doing a lot of therapeutic stuff, you aren't prone to problems, you just maintain your good functions and sense of well-being. Take the time and effort to get the momentum going from getting worse to getting better and better-- turn that train around!

He is also willing to help you through to any place on that path, e.g. just decrease pain and inflammation.

Doc Ray is board-certified in clinical nutrition and even taught in the board-certifying sequence for 20 years, helping design the sequence, write the board exam, etc.

Clinical nutrition works with your metabolism in nurturing, supportive and compensating ways. It can be for acute or chronic problems and it can be for wellness. It uses diet, nutrients, and nutraceuticals. Doc Ray's training in various styles of homeopathy and herbologies can also come into play. His background in research and clinical chemistry inform his use of lab analysis.

He will recommend foods. If need be, he will also recommend supplements etc, and what types and brands are better. When you become a patient of Doc Ray and need supplements, he'll give you a list of nutritional, nutraceutical, etc supplement companies to consider. Some of them have an eStore in his account, where he keeps prices competitive. There are, of course, sometimes other good companies; it's just he's familiar with these, has had success in maintenance and treatment with many of their products. 

When you spend your money, spend it on what is likely to work!

Of course, Doc Ray uses history, physical exam, lab work, etc. There are also some things you can use to help inform him and monitor yourself, monitor your health and healing: Some physical exam things can be taught to you. Questionnaires can be repeated over time and compared. He encourages you to also have copies of tests that are done on you by all members of your health and healing team. He'll teach you, if you like, what to look for in those tests.

His clinical metabolic work includes

     what is being told to the cells (e.g. cytokines, neurotransmitters, and hormones),

     what is available to the cells (nutrients, cofactors, influences on genetics & epigenetics, etc),          cellular functions (energy production, transformations, growth, repair, detoxification and elimination, etc.), 

      local and systemic conditions (e.g. inflammation, allergies, auto-immunities, and other hyper-immunities; infection and other hypoimmunities; toxicities; other hyperreactivities and hypersensitivities),

      and what teamworks there are (e.g. gut microbes [we are a community of more gut microbes than human cells], hydration and other water compartment issues, and the symphony of messenger molecules).

Some of what Doc Ray, and colleagues, taught and practice came to be known as Functional Medicine. See more on this at 

The viewpoint here is that if...
     we make the functions of the body (hormonal, neurological, gut, immune, detoxification, etc) healthy and work together well,

     and decrease, preferably eliminate, toxins, bad microbes & infestations, allergens and other reactins and irritants (and/or increase the ability of the body to deal with them itself),

     then even many chronic conditions can at least be improved, acute conditions at least be handled more rapidly and thoroughly, and there is less likelihood of pathology in the future. Very often drug amounts and number can be reduced, if not eliminated.

     Globally, the most fame Functional Medicine has gotten is handling many chronic condition cases better than other styles of medicine and/or helping other styles work better. Second-most there has been fame in improved wellness, e.g. belief (and verification in pilot studies) that HMOs would be truly "Health Maintenance Organizations" if they emphasized Functional Medicine. Fortunately, more and more Functional Medicine is being done by medical people who formerly only did mainstream medicine.

As an example of the above, see the next section: "NEUROPSYCHOLOGY".


Doc Ray mainly uses the NeuroResearch protocols to help optimize amounts and balance of serotonin and catecholamine (norepinephrine, epinephrine, dopamine) neurotransmitters. Aside from acetylcholine (mostly neuromuscular system and somewhat cognition & memory), these are the main neurotransmitter systems. There are other protocols for improving amounts and balance of these neurotransmitters (e.g. see the Functional Medicine approach in Depression: Cured at Last by Sherry A. Rogers) and Doc Ray plus you may choose to do them. However, the NeuroResearch protocols have the overall best stats on success. He will compare those approaches to approaches from other practitioners, e.g. drugs/pharmaceuticals, and recommend them if they seem to be better for your situation.

By seeking to optimize these serotonin and catecholamine systems, often one can decrease, or even eliminate, psychotropic drugs to address, e.g., depression, anxiety, insomnia, migraines, fibromyalgia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, Parkinsons Disease, restless leg syndrome, and even some autism spectrum disorders. Side positive benefits (Doc Ray has seen) may include, e.g., increasing cognition and memory, decrease some aspects of gut problems (e.g. improve bowel movement regularity, decrease Crohn's disease and other irritated inflamed bowel symptoms), decrease high blood pressure, and even decrease osteoarthritis pains.

The NeuroResearch protocols are able to do this by addressing the underlying conditional nutritional deficiencies. It's an excellent example of how supplying the nutritional needs, helping their functions work well, making somebody healthier, can lead to a decrease in the signs and symptoms of what were called pathologies.

These NeuroResearch protocols use exacting and balanced amounts of amino acids and cofactors, ideally tweaked via specialized urine testing (the majority of the time urine testing is not needed to achieve symptom relief). If done and complied with, such exactitude and testing eliminates the side effects from just using one amino acid, one neurotransmitter precursor, or an imbalanced combination of them. E.g. thus there is no eventual (once tweaking is done and complied with) chance of serotonin overload or high blood pressure from the protocols.

In his practice, he has a handout called "The Serotonin and Catecholamine Side of Depession, Anxiety, Migraines, Insomnia, Addiction, OCD, Fibromyalgia, ADD/ADHD, RLS, Parkinsons, Etc". In it Doc Ray uses a, somewhat overly simple, visual metaphor to explain the roles of these NR protocols: They "fill up the vat so there is a good flow of neurotransmitters out of the spigot at the bottom". There are "holes in the vat" from inflammation, toxicity, neural damage, genetics and epigenetics, etc. Psychotropic drugs "open the spigot wider to get a good flow of neurotransmitters" but may thus deplete the vat, depending on how well one keeps refilling the vat. The NR protocols are often sufficient unto themselves, filling up the vats, regardless of the holes.

Healthier in the long run would be to at least compensate for, and preferably fix, "the holes in the vat" because those "holes" are often also in other systems, e.g. cardiovascular, immune, and gut. See the above "CLINICAL NUTRITION/CLINICAL METABOLISM" section.

And sometimes fixing just a few holes, e.g. some B vitamins and magnesium deficiencies or hormone skews, adequately "allow the vat to fill enough" so that people are satisfied their depression, anxiety, or whatever is at least handled, if not gone.

Of course, sometimes drug prescriptions are necessary to address psychoemotional things. E.g. Doc Ray will insist you also see a drug-prescribing physician if you feel overwhelmingly desperate, suicidal, or your function is too limited to cope with life and work. May it be, by doing the NeuroResearch protocols, Functional Medicine, or whatever, later you won't need the drugs so much or at all, e.g. not have their negative side effects if there be such.

Doc Ray can help guide you through the options talked about above.

You can read scientific papers, diseases and syndromes that likely have the conditional (also called relative) deficiencies that the NeuroResearch protocols address, and how they address them. Doc Ray can direct patients to such.

There are also similar ways, using clinical nutrition/metabolic work to make you healthier, to address some other neurotransmitter systems, e.g. acetylcholine for neuromuscular function, cognition, and memory, and GABA for anxiety and excitability. Although, note that the above NeuroResearch protocols may also address those things too.


There are also ways to make components of the nervous system (e.g. nerve cells and myelin sheath) healthier, e.g. in the womb and early childhood for better intelligence and less likely neurodegeneration in adult years, e.g. helping slow degeneration in older years, e.g. addressing neuropathies from diabetes and chemotherapy, and e.g. even sometimes helping slow multiple sclerosis and such.

While Doc Ray has a degree and further training in psychology, Doc Ray refers to psychologists, psychiatrists, etc, when needed. Of the three pre-doctorate degrees he got (psychology, chemistry, and human biology), he mostly went with chemistry in his profession, hoping to optimize metabolism, the body's chemistry, the brain's chemistry, so that susceptibility to neuropsychological problems is less. And thus, hopefully, one is so healthy that one doesn't have to risk whatever negative side effects of psychotropic drugs there are.


Dr. Ray Bayley, DC, DCBCN, has been trained in chiropractic. However, he works in the clinic of an excellent chiropractor/chiropractic physician, Dr. Joseph Kalal, DC, FIAMA, if you want the mainstream and more of chiropractic manipulation and other work (e.g. physical therapy), work with insurance companies, dealing with personal injury and workmen's compensation cases, etc.

Doc Ray specializes in other styles of working with the neuromusculoskeletal system, many of which might be called mobilizations and soft tissue re-educations, e.g....

         the very gentle and often deep work of "unwinding" (like is done in Cranial Sacral Therapy and some styles of osteopathy),

         the gentle coaxing of respiratory assists and the like (e.g. like is done in some styles of naprapathy),

         fascial and muscular release and trigger point work (e.g. for decades, he taught the Nimmo style, which came to be known as Myotherapy),

         Janda-style muscle re-education,

         and do-it-yourself techniques.

He often uses styles of Applied Kinesiology to supplement more mainstream orthopaedic analysis and treatment.

As you can read about elsewhere on this website, Doc Ray's preferred goal for you is to make you healthfully, if not radiantly healthfully,

         functional and vital,

         strong, flexible, and enduring,

         and eventually not need to be doing a lot of therapeutic stuff, just maintaining your good function and sense of well-being.

Therefore, he can teach you exercises, muscle re-education, and body use to help maintain and improve your musculoskeletal system.

That is, if you like. Some people just want quick pain relief, better function for now, etc. After all, many feel they are too busy and say "maybe tomorrow". OK. Your choice. Doc Ray can help you. Just, please, take care of yourself as best you can.

In his "Bodywork Self-Care" workshops, he gives the basics and some expansions on what he likes to teach his patients. See the "TEACHING" webpage.


Microcurrent means it's at the same amperage level as your own cells use to electrically speak to each other.

In this particular kind of microcurrent, one channel uses different frequencies to select conditions, e.g. acute or chronic inflammation, irritation, pain of various kinds, and low muscle energy. The other channel selects different tissues, e.g. components of connective tissue, muscle, joint, bone, central and peripheral nervous system components, and gastrointestinal, genitourinary, and respiratory tracts.

A protocol uses a series of frequency pairs to address the problem. Often this modality is just called FSM but Doc Ray likes to make sure you know it's dual channel-- DCFSM.

Here in the USA, DCFSM is considered legally to be a form of TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation). TENS is usually used for muscle weakness and for pain, and the usual TENS devices use amperages a thousand times what DCFSM does (high voltage galvanism uses much more than that). Modern research more and more is showing usefulness for other frequencies in "off label" use of DCFSM. FDA approval for this is to decrease pain and to stimulate muscles. Other uses, e.g. its often powerful anti-inflammatory action, is off-label, meaning you must give your consent that you realize it is off-label treatment.

The Resonance Effect​, by Carolyn McMakin, a leader in DCFSM, explains more and gives cases. There are also published, peer-reviewed research, other literature, webpages, etc on DCFSM, e.g. at 

Doc Ray considers it one of the most useful control and healing modalities he has ever encountered. E.g. he takes his portable units with him on trips and to home. He loves giving demonstration talks on it to groups (see the "TEACHING" webpage). He encourages people to buy their own portable home DCFSM medical device unit that he can train you to use for your diagnosed problems.

Doc Ray in the office uses a few DCFSM devices, some preset with protocols designed by him and other experts, and one device that lets him choose any frequency/frequency pair for complete customization in the moment.

One kind of (professional medical device portable) unit (for home/individual use) you could buy through him (or others who know this modality) has a wide array of protocols programmed in, pre-set, which you could use upon Doc Ray's (or other physician's) diagnosis and recommendation. E.g. there's a protocol for new injury, another for spinal stenosis sciatica, and another to help you sleep.

A similar portable unit can be programmed with custom protocols for your particular need. Doc Ray analyzes, diagnoses, and recommends treatment to you, then appropriate protocols can be programmed by him into the unit for your particular problem(s). The cheapest unit can hold up to 10 protocols.

A huge advantage of having your own unit is frequent treatment, more often than you'd likely go to his office to get. E.g. recovery from a sprain/strain and wound healing can be much accelerated by frequent usage. A pilot study showed such frequent use cutting wound healing time by circa 75%. The portable style unit is small enough that you could carry it with you, even run it under your clothes, while you sit or walk around, in some cases.

Another huge advantage of having your own unit is a "one time cost", instead of repeated office visit treatments for the same thing. There's buying the unit, and, in the case of the programmable version, programming it, then the only ongoing cost is new batteries (you could use rechargeable batteries to save there too). E.g. if you have an ongoing inflammation causing pain problem and this modality works for you (which it usually does, DCFSM has fame in reducing inflammation pain), you just run it whenever, instead of buying bottle after bottle of anti-inflammatory pills or office visit after office visit for the same treatment. Oh, of course, you are under a physician(s)'s care, so ideally there's checking on you to make sure the treatment is going well and what got fixed stays fixed or at least controlled... but that's just "re-exam" visits, not a series of treatment visits.

Another huge advantage of having your own unit is immediacy. E.g. if you have a minor sprain/strain and Doc Ray has trained you in how to deal with that, you could start immediately with the "new injury" protocol, until you can ASAP see him or another medical person to make sure it's only a minor thing, no further treatment is needed. Another example is that the pre-programmed unit has, and the programmable unit can be programmed to have, e.g., "help you calm down and feel centered/grounded", "help you get to sleep", and "help you wake up" protocols. Those can be very handy for stressful situations.

Doc Ray envisions a future where DCFSM is often a first consideration in treatment for various things instead of drugs because it almost always has far less negative side effect risks than drugs and once you own a machine there is no further financial cost, no having to buy more bottles of drugs, just the cost of taking the time and effort to use the machine. Of course drugs may be needed, but if not...?

Doc Ray gets a lot of phone calls from people wanting to use DCFSM for macular degeneration, from what people have read in newsletters and on the web. Since the eyes are delicate tissue and he does not have a degree and license specifically relevant to that, please contact, e.g., Dr. Luekenga, OD, FAAO, (he has internet presence) who does DCFSM on the eyes and he may know someone in your geographical area who also does.


Doc Ray has had a few hundred hours of coursework, and more than that in independent study, in acpuncture, acupresssure, herbologies, and other aspects of Asian Medicines. However, he is in the same clinic as Dr. Joeseph W. Kalal, DC, FIAMA (Fellow in the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture), who way more often uses. and is expert in, acupuncture. And, if need be, Doc Ray has a network of other Asian Medicine practitioners in the Chicagoland area. Doc Ray, wanting you to have the best/most expert help, therefore only does aspects of Asian Medicine he knows well to fit the session and your case. Otherwise, he'll refer you.


With his degree, board-certification, and other certifications, plus his decades of using half his professional hours a week to continue and update his education (thanks to the ease of the internet nowadays), more of his skills and knowledge could be listed here. However, Doc Ray has described in this website his specialties and preferences and he has a network of various healers/healing facilitators across the Chicagoland area. He will gladly refer you to others if need be or you like.

Originally, decades ago, Doc Ray had the vision of learning all the healing/healing facilitation styles and modalities of the wide world, only a few expertly, but all well enough that he could refer patients to what would work the best for them. Like his alma mater, National University of Health Sciences, taught him, he is an entry-level physician-- he can be the first step, a portal, into the healthcare system. However, he wanted to be far more than that, a portal into the whole wide world of healing/healing facilitation options.

However, such a goal was too lofty, not attained by anyone he has ever met (despite some of their claims). "No one can know it all." So Doc Ray specializes in what he studies. Still, many are surprised at the breadth of options he can tell you about, e.g. in addressing bulging spinal discs or in addressing cancer. Many see him just to hear what options are available, who they might then seek.

Just like you probably don't rely on one car person to handle every aspect of your car's care and repair, you have a team of "car healers", Doc Ray encourages you to have a team to help you with health and healing/healing facilitation.


is "Dr. Ray Bayley, DC, D.C.B.C.N. at Edgebrook":

That and handouts/email attachments he gives patients are where Doc Ray puts health and healing info that he often tells patients and important info that he doesn't find often elsewhere (e.g. not commonly touted in TV programs or news articles he's seen). E.g. on that FB page is how to test that you are adequately hydrated and the usual amount of water it takes to do so. E.g. on that FB page is how to test for nutrients that will help slow, even reverse, your osteopenia and osteoporosis.

Nowadays, hard copy and online media have gotten so awesomely informative (and, sadly, sometimes misinformative), and he encourages you to take advantage of such (and be leery of misinformation). Doc Ray can tell you of websites that tend to be accurately informative.

He also puts on that FB page notices about resources that might help people. E.g. there are periodic summits where a dozen or more experts give webinars for lay and professional (e.g. diabetes, oral health), usually viewable for free the days they are scheduled and for a fee one might view them later, download them as keepable files, and/or get transcripts of them.

Now that this website is finally published, he'll go back to adding to that FB page now and then.